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The Bar at Broadoaks

Our quaint little bar was added to our house by Tracey and Jo in 2009.

Back in the 1950’s this room was the original parlour and the favourite room of the Sinnotts. Old Mrs Sinnott spent most of her days in this room towards the end of her life.

The front section of the bar does have a little history as we acquired it from a local architectural restoration business; it was in fact the old post office counter from Millom post office! (Check out the story situated at the side of the bar).

From our little bar we can serve you just about any drink you like. We were thrilled last year when Tirril’s decided that they would allow us to serve their wonderful locally brewed draft lager, bitter and real ale. 

Check out the Lakes own Vodka & Gin as well as the scorpion Vodka! A new addition from one of Tracey and Jo’s shopping trips to London.

Tracey also highly recommends the Coconut Vodka Martini!

We will do our very best to get you your favourite tipple so please put us to the test.

"l do pour a mean martini when I am behind the bar , so try one if you dare
One Martin, Two Martini, Three Martini ……..Floor".

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